Bachelard writing workshop Scriptural art Two Thousand Twenty Two


As agreed, I send you…

As agreed, I send you this fetish. It is a gri-gri from the time of the Kingdom of Dahomey. It depicts a mother surrounded by her daughters. She is a natural mother, and she is a mother nature. His daughters are called Wind, Rain, Sun, Storm, Lake, Mountain, Petal, Feather, Horn, Hoof, River and Rock, not to mention Moon. She watches over the seasons, cycles, growth, decline, declinations, inclinations, and I am inclined to see in her a benefactor. She heals and heals, she cooks for appetite, she rests from fatigue, she exhorts to effort, she watches over the grain, she sows the seeds, she harvests the simple, she prepares the decoctions, she tells stories to sleep standing, she would awaken the dead, she sings, she dances, she revolves around the sun and herself; She is a snake woman, she curls up and loves herself, she knows the bite and she knows the venom. She helps to do her homework, to revise her lessons, to memorize her poems. With it, you will find the taste of simple things, happy days. It will protect you, it will bring you luck, it will invite into your life a series of events that will lead you to fulfillment through the back door. In your turn, watch over her, take care of her, never separate yourself from her.

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