This site is a relay for work done in the field of painting (watercolor, pastels, markers …), writing in more or less brief form, photography and dramatic art.

You will find a reading of A Season in Hell by Artur Rimbaud, a working presentation at the Théâtre Universitaire de Dijon on a collage of texts entitled "Euripides + Seneca + Kane = L'A de Phèdre", theatre workshop projects with different audiences, paintings made in an Art Therapy workshop and short texts written in a writing workshop at the Espace des expressions Bachelard de Dijon with Laurence, a writing work from my roaring twenties entitled Insubordonné, another work from my even crazier years entitled Anawega, photographs taken during hikes with Bachelard with Alban and Emilie, or with Noëlla.

I wish you to take great pleasure in reading all this, and if you have a real interest, do not hesitate to contact me, because as Jacques Higelin said

The friend who heals and heals

The madness that accompanies me

And never betrayed me